Who’s Taking Your Property Emergency Repair Calls on Christmas Day?

If your tenant calls in a emergency repair on Christmas Day, who will deal with this? It could be New Years Day, Boxing Day or Bank Holidays…..our Emergency Repair Insurance has this covered. The tenant calls in the repair direct to the Insurers. I repeat; The tenant calls in the repair direct to the insurers. […]

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What Legal Issues Have Landlords Faced In 2018?

2018 has been a testing year for landlords with new legal issues coming into effect and the budget adding additional challenges. These include… The Introduction of Local Licencing Schemes More local authorities have started introducing licencing schemes to private landlords. Over 70 local councils across England have done so this year, where the need for […]

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AML Alert – Estate Agents Are To Be Targeted By Government

  The Government’s security and economic crime minister Ben Wallace has revealed that the Home Office is to begin targeting the property industry harder to bolster its crusade against money laundering.   Speaking at a Treasury select committee hearing, the MP for Wyre and Preston North said too much criminally acquired cash was still being […]

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Emergency Repair Insurance

As a landlord myself I know how much hassle it is to sort out emergency repairs, often with the tenant calling me at 7pm to tell me the toilet will not stop flushing or the dreaded ‘the boiler is not working and we have no hot water’! I understand this is part and parcel of […]

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