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Should You Increase Your Rent? Tips You Should Know

With the hot topic at the moment being the implications surrounding the Tenant Fee Bill, and the likely impact this will have on the industry there is talk about one solution for both Agents and Landlords and that is to increase the rent to make up the shortfall, but is that wise and should you consider it, how should you go about it?

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Tenant With Rent Arrears or Just Want Your Property Back?

You have issued a section 21 notice to your tenants to end the fixed term.  The expiry date of the notice has come and gone, and they are still in the property…….  Or worse still, you have issued a section 8 notice to your tenants for rent arrears and they are still in arrears and […]

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What Legal Issues Have Landlords Faced In 2018?

2018 has been a testing year for landlords with new legal issues coming into effect and the budget adding additional challenges. These include… The Introduction of Local Licencing Schemes More local authorities have started introducing licencing schemes to private landlords. Over 70 local councils across England have done so this year, where the need for […]

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