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As a landlord myself I know how much hassle it is to sort out emergency repairs, often with the tenant calling me at 7pm to tell me the toilet will not stop flushing or the dreaded ‘the boiler is not working and we have no hot water’! I understand this is part and parcel of being a landlord but it is one thing I could do without.

Thinking that there would be other landlords and letting agents with a similar problem, tenantSERVE have sourced a brilliant new insurance policy that covers the emergency repairs that occur and with one really great feature….


The tenant calls the repair in themselves to the insurance company!

In one fell swoop this alleviates the landlords like me or letting agents involvement in arranging contractors, calling the tenants to be available and overseeing the process.



When I read through what the policy actually covers I found that it includes primary heating system, security, gas supply, water supply, internal electricity, lost keys, pests, plumbing, roofing, external drains and taps and boiler replacement, in effect, almost everything a landlord wants covered. There is a boiler replacement contribution dependent the boilers age, a limit of £1000 per claim, labour per claim of 3 hours and a limit per period of insurance of £2,500.





I said at the beginning of this blog that, for me, the best bit is that the tenant calls in the repair to the insurance company and this is a true 24/7.365 days a year service. With no call out fees or excess, parts and labour included and an expert team of over 2,000 qualified professionals nationwide you know that the repair will be sorted. I have now put this policy on my properties and sleep well at night knowing that my tenants are not going to wake me with their emergency repair issues.




Get yours today for an equivalent cost of £15 per month, how good is that!!

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