Tenant With Rent Arrears or Just Want Your Property Back?

You have issued a section 21 notice to your tenants to end the fixed term.  The expiry date of the notice has come and gone, and they are still in the property…….  Or worse still, you have issued a section 8 notice to your tenants for rent arrears and they are still in arrears and living in your property.

The only option to you now is to apply to the County Court for a possession order.  If you issued a section 8 notice for rent arrears you can apply for a possession order and money order at the court hearing.  A section 21 notice will only be an application for a possession order.

Failure to follow the correct steps can see a possession claim thrown out of court.

If you decide to apply to court yourself, get it wrong and you will lose time and money.  Judges don’t allow for a simple mistake, if you case isn’t compliant a Judge would be unable to grant a Possession Order.


We offer Free advice to fixed-fee services that get your property, and the rent you’re owed, safely back in your hands.

Our in-house team specialise in getting things sorted. If you’ve got problem tenants or rent arrears, start off with our free case review. After that, if you need our help, our step-by-step approach and simple, fixed-fee services will keep you on the right side of the law and get back what’s rightfully yours.

With years of experience in evictions, rent and debt recovery, we can sort your problems quickly and easily without you having to worry about escalating costs.

Rapid evictions, rapid results

The quicker you act, the quicker we can solve the problem.  We don’t get heavy handed, but we do get results with correctly-served legal notices and paperwork.

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