Tracing A Tenant

In this day and age no matter how careful people are, Digital footprints are left helping to reveal a tenants new location, this is usually in the form of financial footprints and the opening of credit files. 

These financial footprints help our experienced investigators track them down. In order to trace someone we will need as much information on them as you have, i.e. Name, last Known Address, Dates of Birth and National Insurance numbers are always useful.  

Tenant tracing is an effective method of finding an absconding tenant who has left the property whilst still under the term of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement and owes the remainder of the term rent and/or has damaged the property that exceeds the deposit (if taken).

Once you have traced the tenant you can then undertake a claim to the Small Claims Court for the owing monies or instruct a Debt Collection Bailiff. 

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