Who’s Taking Your Property Emergency Repair Calls on Christmas Day?

If your tenant calls in a emergency repair on Christmas Day, who will deal with this? It could be New Years Day, Boxing Day or Bank Holidays…..our Emergency Repair Insurance has this covered.

The tenant calls in the repair direct to the Insurers. I repeat; The tenant calls in the repair direct to the insurers. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! This leaves you hassle free to enjoy your festive holiday as the insurance company takes the calls and organizes the repair work. This comprehensive insurance covers such things as;

  ● Boiler Breakdown     ● Uncontrollable Leaks  
  ● Blocked Drains     ● Internal Electrics  
  ● Gas Leak Pipework Repair     ● Water Supply  
  ● Pest Infestations     ● External Doors, Locks & windows 
  ● Roof Damage     ● Lost Keys & More!  


Get yours today for an equivalent cost of £15 per month, how good is that!!


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